Its Déjà vu All Over Again ...

Through 2020, I was working diligently on a number of tracks that would comprise my latest album -- Déjà vu All Over Again.  Completed and released, the songs are available on most popular streaming sites, but you can listen to them here now and forever. Here is a link to a player with all the songs. And below are links to each of the songs with lyrics, and in some cases, acoustic demos.  Enjoy!

Bark at the Moon is probably about a broken relationship. As I said above, major life changes. The chorus leads with the phrase, "These dog days aren't meant for a cat like me," which probably has something to do with square pegs and round holes. I don't know.

Spies Like Us is nothing about anything. A spy has an unexpected encounter, and unexpectedly lives to spy some more. I always loved you, 99. (see below, Organized Kaos)

Hap Hippy Bapday is a little birthday ditty I wrote ... on my birthday, or thereabouts. My daughter clued into something in this song that I didn't think was apparent. Even I didn't see it until she mentioned it. Funny that. Maybe I'm not so clever as I thunk.

Cancelled is about the abhorrent PC culture in which we find ourselves. Seems to coincide with the proliference of social media. Hmm. Everyone has a voice, and too often use it to bully and silence those who say things they don't like -- ergo the cancel culture. Seems to be a progressive thing. Hurt feelings does not justify censorship. woke = fascism. Wake up!

Oumuamua was an interstellar visitor to our solar system. It drifted past the earth in October 2017. There was some unfounded speculation that it was a probe sent from intelligent life far far away. Highly unlikley. Most likely a piece of rock billions of years old drifting endlessly through the cosomos. No one knows. Except me. This song contemplates Oumuamua's significance. As an aside, the photo I attached to the player is an actual sunrise (other than the added moon, which I took during a blood moon). Stunning colors.

Déjà vu All Over Again derives from a quip from the late great Yogi Berra. Think about it. "Déjà vu" literally translates into already seen. So, already seen twice over. Funny ... to me at least.

Organized Kaos is the final song on the CD. I have to confess, it seems somewhat erratic, with the bridge kind of dropping in out of nowhere. But, that was the intention, ergo, Organized Kaos. Who'd a thunk. For the sake of art, I guess. Oh, and I do know whom Kaos is. Life long fan.