In shadow I see light
A phantom haunting the night
Echoes of whatever was
Past is prologue, because ...

In the beginning there was nothing
Exploded into everything
From Eden to Babylon, such luscious sights
Its midnight in the garden of earthly delights

I knelt before the King
Refused to kiss the ring
My defiance paid a price
Exiled from the kingdom of life

I float across confusion
To a Panopticon guarding my fate
Beelezebub in the tower, Cerberus at the gate
The inmates are oblivious
There is no escape

Curse the darkness
Praise the light
Listen to the color of your dreams

By morning I’m drenched in shadow light
From a mirror to another place
Reflecting a spectre, a ghost of me
Glimpse of a parallel reality
I’ll see you on the other side

copyright ©2022 T. Atkinson