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Xybor & the Cosmonauts is the musical muse of Terry Atkinson, a multi-instrumental musician, songwriter and multimedia artist. The music is envisioned, written, played and engineered by me.

The music is infused with diverse musical influences — rock, jazz, fusion, blues, bluegrass and pop. The overall sound draws heavily on progressive and psychedelic rock, ala Beatles, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Genesis, Bowie.

... a child of a different time.

Give it a listen. It is time well wasted.

*** music news ***

As always, I continue to make and release music. I have three new songs that have been released and are available on streaming sites, or here -- No More Heroes,  Sixth Sense and Shipwrecked.  And for convenience, here is the link for the album I released in Fall 2020, Déjà vu All Over Again.  

Sixth Sense is about those things you know, but can't really point to anything concrete. Hunches, precognition, reading other peoples' minds, that sort of thing. It has a nice driving beat and a cool acoustic guitar hook. Quite a bit going on in the song.

Shipwrecked is about a relationship long past. The mistakes that were made, and never forgotten. In a sense, wanting to atone for my wrongs.

The Shipwrecked link takes you to a video of the song. Interestingly, it is a 360 degree video, so you can pan around and look at beautiful Chesterman Beach, near Tofino on Vancouver Island. There is also a link underneath the video that takes you to another page with, not only the 360 degree video, but also an immersive version of the song. As you pan around, the music follows the panning, known as headtracking. Best listened to through headphones to hear the effect. In fact, the version on the first link is a binaural stereo recording, which is supposed to replicate how we actually hear sound. I think it sounds very open, more so than a straight stereo mix.

Shipwrecked was recorded and mixed as an immersive, Ambisonic recording. In fact the song was written for the 360 degree video of Chesterman Beach. It was somewhat mind-bending to mix for 360 degree sound. Once mixed, I cut the binaural recording from the Ambisonic recording. Going forward, I intend to mix only in immersive and surround formats, and release most of the music as binaural recordings.

To that end, in addition to those songs, I have completed another song, titled Guinevere. As with Shipwrecked, Guinevere is taking me in a new technical direction. The latest Nuendo release (the DAW I use), offers full support for Dolby Atmos 7.1.2. So I took advantage of it and mixed Guinevere in Atmos 7.1.2. However, it is not exactly a popular format for listening to music, especially over the streaming services. So I cut a binaural recording from the Atmos master, which you can listen to here. I have also downmixed a 6.1 surround mix off the Atmos master, so I could understand the workflow and the result. And it proved that, if and when the time comes, I can easily tweak the mix and release it for Atmos or just about any other surround or immersive format. Yay!

This is all very exciting. Immersive sound has been around for decades, but has recently moved closer to the mainstream as the technology has become more accessible.  In addition to the immersive audio formats, I will be tying most recording projects to video as well.  So, stay tuned!

*** a moment of your time ***

On an unrelated note, you likely know the dynamics of the music industry have changed. But the impact on artists is profound. While distribution is cheap, compensation is abysmal. As an example, for each Spotify play, I get about $0.0013. The number of plays to earn even minimum wage is daunting. I love making music, and even now, regardless of the compensation, I do so because it is who I am.

I write, record, and produce a song every few weeks. I am fully self-contained, with all the gear I need to develop both audio and video recordings, so my costs to record are not high. But still ...

All of my music is available for listening here, for free. Which is not much cheaper than $0.0013.  I have set up a "jukebox" for easy access. When you listen to something you like, consider buying a download from a streaming service. If you are on Spotify or another streaming service, give my music a couple plays. Enjoy it any way you can and share it with your friends. ANY support is welcome.

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