Lost in Phantasmagoria

I was lying in bed, trapped in my head
I woke in a dream, or maybe I was dead
Didn’t know where I was or how I got there
For a week or ten days I couldn’t care
Lost in Phantasmagoria
Lost in Phantasmagoria

Outside of my room, a festival of light
An atrium lit in a yellowish hue
I watched the scene unfold through French doors of my room
People shopping and chatting, admiring the art
Oblivious of me, as if I were a plant
As if I were a plant

Ten nurses marched by dressed in black and white
Carried someone on a stretcher into the night
You can always tell when bad goes down
They’re all wearing PPEs
There’s always the PPEs

A lion with two-heads was acting kind of strange
Kept bonking their heads, like cartoon coconuts
They would curse and howl and hold their heads
And do it all over again
Do it all over again

Another pair of lions looking lean and mean
On the side of their heads was a glowing brand
Blood-red core edged in fiery orange
Of sabre-toothed tiger jaws
Sabre-toothed tiger jaws

In a room overlooking the valley below
With bright natural light through lots of windows
A black stone sculpture of an eskimo
A young wolf stood by his side
Outside on the balcony a small iceberg
But none of the nurses knew
Nobody else knew

The main event was a launch of some sort
Run by the branded lions
A panel of rainbow blinking lights
Signalled the sequence count down
The sequence was counting down

At the end of the countdown the launch would commence
It would rumble and roar for six seconds or more
In a couple minutes it would all reset
I could smell the spent fuel
I hated the smell, it was cruel

Everyone was oblivious to the countdown but me
I wondered why noone else cared
They all seemed to know what was going on
Unable, unwilling to face the truth
It seemed the launch was meant to destroy
That pesky Wuhan flu
That pesky Wuhan flu

I was in a coma for nearly a week
Living this crazy dream
So vivid and surreal
Please give me back
What I lost and we’ll call it a deal
What I lost and we’ll call it a deal

copyright ©2021 T. Atkinson