Judas Goat

Judas Goat

I can’t bear to watch anymore
This slow-motion wreck of a train
I feel like I’m living in Mudville
Struck out and lost the game

Go for a walk in the desert
Best keep your secrets at home
We all know that jackels and vultures
Leave only your sun-bleached bones

When grass was green and light was bright
Air was clear, see the stars at night
I like to trip from real to surreal
From Dada to Dali and back again
Living in the material world
Getting high on crypto ecstasy
Then one day you’ll wake to find
The post-truth reality

It takes some time to find your way out of a desert
Drink your water from an oasis
See a mirage, don’t chase it

Ahh ... Living in another world
Ahh ... Red pill, get real

Pharoah could not comprehend
His own mortality
Who can judge right and wrong
We’re all Pharoah now

You’re nought but a Judas Goat
Leading dumb sheep to slaughter, then you gloat
With Screwtape and Wormwood and Bophamet
They set the world on fire

copyright ©2021 T. Atkinson